User Interface


R75 per month
Home size (01-15) home and small businesses.


R150 per month
Small Size (15-50) institutes such as smaller businesses


R250 per month
Medium size (50-100 users) institutes such as restaurants and larger coffee shops, etc.


R400 per month
Large size (100+ users) institutes colleges and larger business that will require more support and management.


Control Panel and/or User Interface.

With the routers there is an program (Winbox) you can run to 'access' the router's User Interface. Once in, the 'user' can then have access to view all details and statistics of all the traffic and bandwidth usage as well as other users connection speeds, uptimes, data consumption, etc.

There are other ways to connect to the router such as command line (SSH) or telnet. These will be disabled as part of the firewall/protection policies.

Basic Training and Guidance.

Basic training will be given on how to navigate the UI (User Interface) and where to look for relevant statistics based on the client's requirements/specifications.

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