Fine-tuned Networking Infrastructure. Network Management To get the most out your Internet

We change your Home/Business internet connection into a managed system. Where you can manage and maintain usage and speeds to balance the usage and load between 'users'.

Remote Access Additional Services FOR YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS

We give you remote access to your private home network. Making it easy (yet safe/protected) for you to access home camera system or hosting certain services for external use.

We offer great reliability REMOTE SUPPORT Catering for your needs.

Having remote access to our Managed Routers allows us to offer you great support and turn around times on updates or changes you might have to your network system.


User Interface
Viewing Statistics, Maintaining the Management Router and updating settings accordingly.


Web & Email Hosting
Get your Web Design, Web and Email Hosting, professionally taken care of under 1 roof.

Internet Packages

Wireless Internet Packages
Get Fast Reliable Wireless Internet Today!


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  • Experience
    With our over 10 years Experience in public and private Managed Network Infrastructures, we pride ourselves in offering you the best customized services to accomodate your current infrastructure.
  • Recent work done
    Here is a list of recent work done, challenges we overcame and customised web logins designed. Some clients requested a more personalized touch for their user experience.